Why Cooking at Home is Better than Eating Out – Healthy Lunch

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According to the NPD Group Inc. report that 82% of American meals are cooked by home. The rise in home cooking is significant compared with ten years before. Most people who eat out do not have the necessary time or the skills to cook the food they eat. In the case of some, it could be the need to try out new food or restaurants. The meals prepared by home cooks are far more popular than the ones served at restaurants and hotels.

Cooking at home as well as eating out both have positives and negatives. There is an old debate on which option is the best. Is it better to cook meals at home rather than eating in a restaurant? What can people gain by cooking at home? It may surprise you realize that meals prepared at home be beneficial in many ways. Here are some.

It is healthier

Research has generally demonstrated that homemade meals are better when compared with food purchased from restaurants or hotels. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study reveals that a lot of food items in restaurants contain high levels of sodium, compared to homemade meals. To preserve meat and chicken and other poultry, sodium solution is added into the food. A high concentration of sodium could cause strokes, hypertension and various cardiovascular illnesses.

However, home-cooked meals include fresher, more natural products that are not processed. That means that they’re generally higher in nutrition and are less likely to include harmful additives such as preservatives, trans fats and sodium. A diet that is too high in these chemicals can result in diseases over and other severe health conditions like diabetes.

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