Which Roof is Right for Your Garage? – Car Talk Podcast

is where ice and snow may build up on the outside of parked cars. A garage can drastically reduce theft and vandalism. Garages are essential for a variety of reasons. When it comes to your garage How do you determine the right roof to keep your car in good condition? This video will show you how to find the right roof for your garage.

Certain roofing materials like shingles, are likely to be prone to leakage over the course of time. This can happen due to wear and tear, puncturing, or just from a powerful storm. Shingles can be affordable, but they’re not high quality protection. Contrarily, metal or rubber roofs provide superior durability. They are very resistant to leakage , and they rarely leak. Even in extreme storms, they don’t let go. The roofs of these are three times stronger than asphalt roofs made from shingle. They provide the best security for your garage as well as all of its contents. But this kind of protection does however come with a price. Roofs of this type are double as expensive as shingles roofing. But, the cost could be reduced significantly by installing the roof by yourself.