What Is It Like in the College Admissions Decision Room? – Quotes About Education

A committee of admissions experts meet to decide whether to take on students. First, the committee divides nearly 8,000 potential applicants into 30 geographical regions. This task is made easy with the help of college admission software. Two people read the information regarding students from every region. After that, the committee votes when the process is completed. Each candidate is chosen in a traditional way, with the members raising their hands.

When deciding on which students they are going to accept, the committee considers a variety of factors. It is obvious that grades are a major element, however the committee takes into account sports as well as extracurricular activities. They assess whether students possess musical talent, certain interests, and achievements too. All in all, the admissions committee admits around 1,000 applicants from the pool of 8,000 applicants.

The school’s dean feels that the system is not working but it is steadily getting better. It is not able to accept every applicant, which is what makes the entire process frustrating. While many applicants are entitled to university, only high-performing applicants are granted the ultimate approval. d33lb5guxf.