What is an LPN? – Work Flow Management

The acronym is t. LPN means “Licensed Practical Nurse”. It is a position that starts at the entry level that takes about a year to earn. To apply for an LPN program, you will need a GED or the equivalent of a high school diploma. After your studies are completed and you’re ready to pass the LPN test, which is administered by the Board of Nursing in your state. The Board will be able to officially certify you to become an LPN.

There are many daily tasks once you’ve earned your license as a nurse. Injecting patients, monitoring medical equipment, treating wounds, organizing patient charts and schedules, as well as helping patients in their everyday hygiene are just some examples of the numerous responsibilities that you’ll be required to perform. Every state is different on what their LPNs are allowed to do however it is standard that you will not undertake surgery or any other type of invasive work unless strictly monitored by a registered nurse , or physician.

If you’re not interested in become an LPN and you’re not interested in becoming one, the next step is becoming an registered nurse. There are many possibilities. In this short video, we will provide more details and provide links to help in your quest.