What Can RSS News Feeds Do for You?

Keeping up with what’s going on in the world is important to everyone, no matter their level of news involvement. Some people subscribe to five or six different newspapers, while others don’t pay attention to much until it saturates the posts of their Facebook friends. Luckily, RSS news feeds can satisfy both camps, by providing exactly as much news as you want, in the format you want, as it happens.

  • Variety. Virtually any topic you can think of has an RSS feed devoted to it, and most of them have several. The number of CNN RSS feeds alone is over fifteen, and that’s not even counting the quick link to CNNMoney.com (where you can find twice that amount). On news sites exactly like CNN RSS feeds are available for world news, local news, sports news, breaking news, legal news, medical news, educational news… and the list goes on and on. Just browse some of the common RSS directory lists to see for yourself.
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  • Convenience. More impressive than the variety, though, is the ease with which it all is delivered to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Rather than having to browse each individual news site to get the latest information, the latest info is automatically sent to you, without you having to lift a finger. Headlines are uploaded from your list of RSS feeds for you to either bookmark for later or to read immediately.
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  • Timeliness. And speaking of “immediately”, RSS feeds can bring you the latest breaking news as it’s published, which helps to keep you up-to-date on the stories and issues that matter most to you. Worried about a certain stock price? Subscribe to the feed. Wondering what to wear this morning? Weather RSS feeds can let you know the current temps and any impending storms or advisories. Curious how the game is going? Not a porblem.

If your news is important to you, you owe it to yourself to take control of how you get it, and to step into the customizable, flexible, versatile, up-to-the-minute world of RSS feeds.