The Various Types of Boat Docks and Seawalls – Suggest Explorer

A wall that is not protected would be facing a large body of water like in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. These walls can be protected if it is built along riverbanks, canals, or other bodies of water which have low wind potential.

Corrugated PVC is a popular choice in seawall construction. Corrugated PVC is an excellent option for building seawalls because it’s impervious to corrosion. Other kinds include stone walls (used for calm water only) and aluminum (can cause oxidation in saltwater) as well as galvanized steel (brackish water could corrode it).

The seawall panels have to be put in place by using heavy-duty equipment that hammers them into place. Further stability is ensured with anchoring posts that are referred to as “dead-men,” and they are attached to the seawall panels using attachments made of metal that are referred to as “tie rods.”

It’s important to comprehend the various types of seawalls you can choose from before you contact an expert dock construction company. up3erc4l42.