The Role of a Respiratory Therapist – Health and Fitness Magazine

It is a crucial role when it comes to the treatment of patients. This video takes you through their daily routines. A respiratory therapist is to assess and treat patients with breathing difficulties and diseases. Therapists can assist with chronic conditions and people that have experienced trauma or surgery.
A respiratory therapist coordinates patients’ care and manages medical devices used for tests and procedures related to the airways and lungs. The job involves working in various settings with different people, including children and adults that suffer from multiple diseases and injuries. Therapists who specialize in respiratory therapy spend the majority of their time in hospitals and medical office. Some travel could be required to train as well as when they treat patients in their homes.
Respiratory therapists have the responsibility of diagnosing the condition of patients, providing treatments and tests including oxygen therapy inhaling and suctioning airways, as well as assisting patients with exercises designed to strengthen their muscles. They also train the caregivers and families of patients about how they can care for the patients. Respiratory therapists are educated in the administration of treatments and other strategies to improve the patient’s life quality.
Many respiratory therapists work in tight collaboration with doctors as well as nurses, physical therapists and physicians. They could work in different locations of the hospitals based upon the field they are specialized in.