The Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues – Melrose Painting

The air conditioning systems in your home keep running at a high efficiency. Over time, it’s usual to expect issues that require repair. This is a list of most frequent air conditioner repair problems. The first common air conditioning repair concern is a defective capacitor. The capacitor that is damaged can rupture, bulge, or explode. It can also break off or remain intact in its state of origin, however, it is dead.

The ac could also be running down on refrigerant levels due to a leak in the outside unit, the coil in the top of the furnace, or any of the joint. Another issue is a bad control board, which could disrupt the flow of command within the system. If you start the air conditioner and smell like burned electrical, there is a problem with the blower motor.

Dirty furnace filters can cause an airflow reduction that may result in the freezing surface in your heating system. You will experience a tripped air conditioner breaker that’s easy to fix, but if this happens again, make sure you call to have a professional assist you with repairs. A tripped breaker can also suggest that your AC is leaking condenser air. It could impact the air quality at the workplace or in your home.