The Latest Knockout at the Alamo

In a weird series of events, the Alamo is fighting for its honor again. That little bullet pocked mission in south Texas has been popping up all over the news feeds and rss directories for its recent unwanted media attention. Strangely enough, this follows the recent attention where rss directly lists various hip hop acts trying to use the mission as their promotional backdrop.

The place known for its own fight of the century in San Antonio, Texas has been the site of a news circus as pro boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez used the Alamo as the backdrop to promote their upcoming super welterweight title fight.

Multiple news feeds on the internet with rss directly list the Alamo and Mayweather as trending topics because of the controversy. Prior to this latest battlefield fallout, again rss directory lists and news stories picked up the Alamo when Kanye West planned to project his new video on the walls of the Alamo.

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson has been quoted as saying “Remember the Alamo, but show some respect”. For most Texans, the Alamo is a sacred memorial where a group of volunteers held back an approaching Mexican army for nearly 2 weeks during the Texas Revolution.

In December 1835, during the war for Texas, a group of Texan and Tejano volunteers successfully forced Mexican soldiers out of the city of San Antonio and took up residence in the Alamo. The embarrassed Mexican army would return though. Months later, in February 1836, General Santa Anna moved in to attack the revolutionaries. The defenders, holed up in the Alamo, held out for 13 days desperately awaiting back up forces.

On March 6, 1836 General Santa Anna led the final assault that eventually overwhelmed the Texas revolutionaries. The men may have gone down fighting, but they symbolized the earnest belief that they were fighting for their freedom and liberty. To this day, the Alamo has become a battle site and a memorial representing the fallen. History seems to be repeating itself, again, as the Texas mission makes its mark for readers of the rss feed directory and news release sites.

It is this battle history, exactly, that makes the Alamo both a tourist destination and a media hotspot. While Mayweather and Canelo may not mean disrespect by using the Alamo Square for their press conference, Commissioner Patterson has reminded everyone that this is not acceptable. In fact, he likened it to holding a press event at Gettysburg or at the U.S.S. Arizona.

For now, the Alamo has become a little more than a historical backdrop. Time will tell if the San Antonio mission goes undefeated from now on. We can only monitor this optimistically, especially from our favorite sites where rss directly list news and press releases about the Alamo.