The Dental Crown Procedure Explained by a Dentist – Dental Magazine

It’s one of the procedures that is most frequently performed by general dentists. Whitney DiFoggio, dental hygienist as well as the creator of the Teeth Talk Girl YouTube Channel will explain what to expect when faced with a need for a crown.

The place where dental crowns are made depends on the choice of your dentist. The majority of dentists fabricate them in their office, others send the mold to a lab. The crown is made in the lab and mailed to the dentist. The crown is made with just two visits.

Shade guides are used by dentists to determine the proper color of your crown. This guide is a match for your rest of your teeth. This is similar to a color bar but with tiny false teeth in different shades.

The tooth is made numb by an anesthetic local to the area, and then any decay will be removed. To make the base of the crown it is often reduced to a tiny stub. A tooth impression is made for the permanent crown using something that appears like putty. A temporary crown is placed on. It is fitted. If your dentist has the ability to fabricate a crown right now, computer-assisted technology is utilized to design your crown. edh5svesab.