The Crazy Stats on a Blackhawk Helicopter – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

The distance you can cover is 1,381 miles in a radius three68 miles.
Lifting capacity: External cargo hook of the Black Hawk can hold objects up to 8000 pounds.
The typical task of the Black Hawk: Its primary purpose is to transport soldiers and provide logistical support. Apart from being able to perform medical evacuations, the Black Hawk can be configured to perform special tasks such as search and rescue as well as command and control armed escort, electronic warfare and executive transport.
A typical group: Two gunners, two pilots and two chiefs form the perfect Black Hawk crew.
The Armament Black Hawk’s certified launch platform has the capability to carry 16 Hellfire missiles and AIM-92 Stinger missile air-to-air missiles. In the event that pintle mounts have been added in the model, certain versions of the helicopter be equipped with .50 caliber , or 7.62mm machine guns inside the windows.
Compact for transportation: In spite of its capabilities and performance, the Black Hawk can be disassembled to be able to fit into a C-130 Hercules for transportation. xhxngvg6o9.