RSS Directories Are Great for the Casual User AND the Ambitious Web Publisher

With a staggering amount of blog and news site content now available for RSS syndication, how does one find the best feeds? You can add an RSS feed to your reader software from most active sites, but wouldn’t you sometimes like to save time exploring a host of RSS feed options by topic? The need for this convenience is why RSS directories exist. Searching for certain types of content in an RSS directory can make it easy to limit your choices to only the sites that are most relevant to your needs and interests.

There’s more than just one RSS directory operated by the US government, and more from major news outlets, social bookmarking websites, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for RSS directory that specializes in tech, entertainment, stock updates, business news, politics and government, celebrities, weather, humor, fine arts, sports or any other area, there’s at least one RSS directory somewhere compiling just the content you want.

And for blog publishers and online content makers, an RSS feed directory can be a valuable marketing tool. Submitting your articles and websites to an RSS directory (or, better yet, a few dozen of them!) can make your content much more visible to your intended audience. When your RSS directly lists with an RSS directory, you’ll appear in topical searches performed by users who want to see just the sort of material you love to publish! And you don’t have to manually submit your blog or site to every RSS directory. There are free online directory submission services that use complex algorithms and automated processes to sweep through huge lists of RSS directory sites, and will submit your content to as many as dozens of these databases without you personally having to lift a finger. Which means you can get back to work doing what you do best: making great internet content!