Reasons Why You Should Choose Engineered Hardwood Floors – The Buy Me Blog

There are some differences between the two kinds of flooring as well as pros and cons for each.

Solid hardwood is hardwood throughout. It is generally 1/4 inch thick. A majority of solid hardwood floors are tongue-in groove. Flooring made of wood is sensitive to moisture , and they can begin to be swollen or warped if they’re saturated with planks.

There are a variety of engineered hardwoods. However, they are all made of a non-hardwood core made of plywood or a high-density fiber beneath a true hardwood veneer. This can be more cost-effective and one of the motives for people to choose an engineered wood floor is because it helps to resist the swelling and contracting that affects hardwood floors in humid basements and similar environments.

Engineered hardwood floors are easier to set up (with click floor selections) and easier to maintain over the years. A click system could require subflooring, but they’re far easier to install. The click-system engineered hardwood flooring could be put on to an existing floor tile or wood flooring. eny5yp6qbc.