Paint Rolling Tips – How Old Is the Internet

The task is to paint walls for the first-time. In this video we will show you how to choose the correct paint roller along with some painting techniques.

Each and every paint roller has a nap length. It is the measurement of bristles that are attached to the roller. Different surfaces require different bristles. Half-inch bristles are great for smooth surfaces. They’re small, and won’t create any undesirable textures. The 3/8-inch bristles are suitable for surfaces that are semi-rough. More substantial fibers can be utilized to create indentation patterns with texture on walls. Additionally, bristles of one inch are great for painting walls that have a great deal of texture. One great example could be popcorn walls and ceilings. The long bristles can be used to effortlessly reach the crevices , and offer clear paint while you roll the paint on the wall.

Once you have started painting ensure that you fully cover the roller with paint. This will ensure that the paint goes on evenly. It is also important to start painting from the bottom up.