Is it the Setting or the Foundation? A Guide – Home Improvement Videos

It provides information about home settlement, the length of time it lasts, and when it is time for you to be concerned.

Kurt Gibson discusses house settling. An ordinary process for settlement involves the process of settling the home. There’s an abundance of wood utilized within a house. Drying of wood happens naturally and causes settlement to happen. Kurt will explain the processes that causes wood to shrink and dry, and how it occurs. It is common to see movement within the home because of settlement, but there is hardly any evidence of that the home is shifting.

Concrete cracks are not necessarily an indicator of foundation troubles. The width and the size of the cracks are more important than the cracks. It is also common to see wall surfaces with cracks of significant size to suggest foundation issues, however they aren’t a big issue. It is because reliable builders will ensure that they have solid foundations for their homes. This could signal major problems, however, this is not the case.