I Bet You Didnt Know You Could Recycle These! – Andre Blog


Many people are turning to greener methods for getting rid of trash. There are many ways to make use of paper, plastic and other metal. However, you may be attracted to the items you have and question whether they’re recyclable. It’s crucial to organize your recycle to make the process easier for the final stage, which is why frequently we discard perfectly great recyclable objects. We’ll be looking at the less well-known things you can reuse in this video.

The clip shows how imaginative people can come up with unique solutions to waste problems which often result in new products that are beautiful throughout the process. Some artists make metal from soda can tabs leftover of other initiatives. The soap bar leftovers from hotels are made into soap bars at a large soap recycling facility. Also, the old garden hoses are repurposed to make material for bags for handbags. It is also possible to collect the coffee grounds from your local area to create hot-pressed cups of coffee!