How to Treat Yourself While on Your Period – Health Advice Now

The sua massage, acupuncture along with other techniques may help relieve you of any stress that may build up during the month. Deep tissue massage can be used to help relieve discomfort and reduce pain as well as encourage growth and healing of tissue. It can also aid in relieving nausea brought on by hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle.

If you have a more severe case of PMS, you should also have an acupuncture-instructed deep tissue massage performed to treat specific pain points. Book an appointment with an experienced acupuncturist who is experienced and licensed in PMS/PMDD treatment. You can find one online, or you may solicit suggestions.

Make sure you are using the correct treatment and supplements

A different piece of advice for what to do when you are on your period is taking appropriate treatments and supplements. The hormonal imbalance can impact the way a woman absorbs nutrients as well as cleanses her body. They can also affect the functioning of the heart. Women are often unaware of the fact that they can take certain supplements and treatments for hormone imbalances that are often linked to menstruating.

In order to avoid the negative effects of hormones , and to avoid the risk of developing breakouts of acne, women should remain vigilant about their health when it comes to their periods. The good news is that there are a variety of natural therapies you can take to fight these ailments and ensure that your menstrual flow go a lot smoother. Certain effective treatments are simple cheap, safe, and safe. Vitamin C is among the essential supplements that one can get for women. It can help reduce symptoms of PMS that can cause women who experience minor discomfort when they go through your period. Vitamin C can also help you to combat infections and heal faster when you do get sick.

Natural remedies are excellent to treat premenstrual problems or bloating. They can help prevent problems which can arise during your period but they won’t do any damage. However, there are some exceptions.