How to Study the Bible Verse by Verse – Reference Books Online

If you’re looking to move beyond reading whole chapters and thinking about them, then you can try the verse-by-verse Bible exercise.

There are quite a few methods to learn about particular Bible verses. Many people gain valuable insights through listening to podcasts or other education resources that take this approach. If you study with a teacher, you may find that your verses take on new meaning for you.

This video may be beneficial should you wish to master on your own. This video was created by the host, and it shows how she studies specific Scripture chapters. She calls verse mapping.

Her Bible along with blank paper as well as pen are her primary instruments. The process involves observation, prayer, interpretation and application, she says. She explains the steps more in detail, before demonstrating how you can draw an outline of the scripture map. She provides context to the passage in the map in order that she has a greater knowledge of its significance. 9mi683jtvo.