How to Add Modern Technology to Any Old Car – Technology Radio

>If you plan on putting salvagable, repairable vehicles up for auction an excellent way to increase their functionality and value is to incorporate new technology gadgets. In the YouTube movie “3 Ways to Tech Out Your Old Car” emphasizes out three devices you can include to the car you’ve been driving.

The old cars can come with the head-up display. This is among the most efficient devices. It is available on a lot of new cars, and displays important information about the road motorists need to be aware of ahead of them. Old cars can retrofit this function by using kits that are plugged into the lighter of the cigarette and which reflect on the windshield.

Backup cameras can be another upgrade option available to old car owners. They’re usually connected to the backup signal, so they only power up when the car engine is running in reverse. They serve as eyes on the rear of the driver.

Additionally, you can opt for collision and lane departure systems. The technology can be used to determine if your vehicle is trying to get out of the lane, without turning or if the vehicle is moving off-road. The alarm will sound when either of these happen and allows the driver to make instant corrections and prevent auto accidents from occurring.