Everything You Need to Know About Dental Crowns Toothbrush History

Dental crowns can be used by dentists for many reasons. One reason they might use such crowns is to strengthen teeth that have been weakened by a procedure such as decay or injury. These crowns are often used following the root canal procedure to help strengthen the tooth that received the procedure.

The crown may also be used to conceal the discolored teeth that do not have the ability to respond to teeth whitening treatments. Colored teeth are problematic for people who are afflicted by certain ailments or take medication. Crowns could provide the solution to this difficulty.

It is not uncommon to have crown placement take longer than one appointment. The first appointment involves numbering the tooth before cutting the tooth to ensure that the crown is positioned correctly. The dentist then makes a perfect mold of the tooth of the patient and gives temporary crowns that shield the tooth being worked on. For the creation of a new crown, the model is delivered to a temporary laboratory. Patients receive the brand new crown after the dental office is notified. d2c7yme1by.