Career Spotlight AC Contractor – Discovery Videos

Every student must be able to pass their exams both in the course of their education and also at a national level. There are two tests which include the business and finance exam as well as the trade exam.

There are three different kinds of contractors for air conditioners are on the market. They all require passing the exams. The three main classifications for air conditioning technicians include Air B (units up to 25 tonnes); Air A (units between 50 and 50 tonnes); and Mechanical. This is the case for works on water chillers as well as chillers. towers.

One must possess at minimum 4 years of previous experience. A portion of this time should be in the role of foreman. A student must be able to apply for state approval. Once a person has experience, they can state their experiences within the category they’re applying for along with their educational background. An application requires background checks and credit checks. Once approved, applicants will successfully be considered fully licensed air conditioner technician. ul5mwgugp1.