Can You Use a Home Remedy to Get Rid of Termites? – Spokane Events

nd irritating pests you can have in your home. Most people don’t realize whether they’ve termites or not until their house has been damaged in some fashion. Termites are costly, inconvenient and even dangerous. The loss of wood structure within your house means that you’re at risk of collapsed walls, sagging ceilings and unsafe wiring projects. There are many methods to control termites, however some techniques work better than others. Some home remedies are effective in ridding your house from termites.

To get rid of termites from areas that are already affected due to them, salt water can be a great option. Just mix some salt with some water , and then make a cotton balls soaked in the mixture. After that, put the cotton ball over furniture that is affected. You can also use boric acid, which is a chemical substance commonly used to treat infections, for eradicating termites. It is typically found in insecticides. If you mix boric acid and sugar, you could put the solution in bottles that are small in the areas affected. This remedy will also get rid of ants and cockroaches!