Can You Attach Shutters to Brick? – Global World of Business

of bricks, which can be easily achieved.

The first step is to drill holes with drilling tools for masonry to join a wall plug. Then, you can screw the frame onto the wall. Choose a location where you can unpack the shutters and put them into the frame. Get your shutters off the ground and look over your frame. It should have four pieces, marked left, right and top. Each of the pieces must be placed on the floor. When you are ready to remove the frame make sure you mark the drill holes across the wall by using the pencil that is extra thin, or with your drill.

Make holes, then create the holes. Install the shutters, including hinges that are pre-installed. After that, raise your panels, then place the hinge pins. Make sure you secure to the bracket by tightening screws into the pre-drilled holes. When satisfied with the setting then tighten the locking screw. 5ddg1vkio3.