Backup Generator Installation Explained – Home Improvement Tax

There are many reasons. The video by Better Power gives a quick “how to” about the installation of a generator for the well-known Generac generator. The helpful suggestions can be applied to installing any type of generator. For instance, there’s specific information on how to choose the best website for installation that applies to every type of generator, not just Generac.

The first step for installing the generator is deciding on the best site. The site must be simple to access, close to the source of power, that is, it should allow airflow to flow freely. Importantly, don’t set the HVAC too close when choosing the ideal site.

This video will provide information regarding gas installations. It is focused on LP gas installation. The viewers are guided by the procedure of hooking up electrical wiring step-by-step. Better Power has a complete range of tools to ease installing a generator, which includes a “genpad”. The genpad is for installing the generator, rather than pouring concrete. If you are looking to set up a backup generator needs to check out this video.