A Brief Guide to General Dentistry – News Health


A general dentist covers most of the things people need to ensure their teeth are maintained. A general dentist is similar to a general practitioner in the field of healthcare. They help keep up your healthy, manage certain types of emergencies and they are also able to identify problems.

General dentists are able to carry out procedures such as tooth canals, fillings, and root canals. They can also assist with dentures. They are also able to perform urgent treatments like fixing the chipped or damaged tooth. They can also extract teeth that aren’t possible to save.

General dentists do not have the ability to carry out many forms of oral surgery including taking biopsies for abnormal growths that appear in the mouth. Braces are not fitted by general dentists. They can’t perform a variety of procedures just for the gums. For instance, they cannot reduce the amount of gums. They may not be able to do bone grafts. If the root is too difficult for a general dentist, specific types of tooth extractions are best handled by specialists.