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The design of the product

Your final design should be created item after having completed the product idea stage. It is the way the finished product will look like considering its useability. If you want to present your idea to investors, the designing phase is crucial.

Additionally, you’ll be able to determine the amount of raw materials which will be required to make your product in the planning phase. The result is that you’ll be in a position to evaluate your firm’s capability. Do you have the capacity to supply all the manpower and tools along with the cash needed for the process? For example, will it be necessary to search for hire forklifts after you’ve realized the number of forklifts will be insufficient or hinder the production process? These are the questions you must ask during product design.

Develop a design

The prototype represents a prototype of what will eventually be the finished product. Start by sourcing materials for the prototype. It’s likely that you already know what types of material you’ll need for your design process. The key is to obtain your material as quickly as possible for the lowest cost. Investors will be more interested in seeing your design instead of investing in your manufacturing company. You will be able to demonstrate the model to the right people.

Test your product before presenting it to investors and to the market. If you’re making products to measure the emissions of trucks, it’s important that you check the products. If the product has been proven to be efficient and accurate it has a better chances of selling it companies that perform emission inspections.

Registration for Trademarks and Patents

Get trademarks or patents registered to protect your intellectual property. Make sure that you do not permit other producers to use your trade secrets, ideas or slogans in the USA.