Replacing a Single Garage Door Panel – Discovery Videos

For this project, you May need:

2 pairs of vice grips
1 Come Together
An impact drill or wrenches

To replace the board, follow the incremental instructions outlined by Swenson from this video:

Bring the garage off the bottom approximately four or five in..
Place your vice grips under a pair of rollers on each side of this garage. Don’t forget to place them under the same pair of rollers on each side of this garage.
Place the twist across the cable on both sides of the garage and place some strain on it, so the cable begins to knock outside.
Un do the hinges on top along with this plank that you’d like to get rid of.
Un do the come together that the board begins to discard accomplished. The board should start to drop so which you may lift it out.

When the panel is out, you will be ready to replace your board.

When you’ve the correct tools, this process could be simple. However, if that you really don’t really feel comfortable doing the job yourself, a professional can quickly obtain the business completed for you. 9doucl625z.