Finding Affordable Housing Options for Seniors

A main concern for seniors today is being able to find a housing option that can fit within a tight budget. Seniors have some very specific concerns that need to be addressed in their housing. They can be manifest in needing less stairs or a special bathtub or shower. I may even mean adjustments to the kitchen or bringing in a home health aide in case of medical concerns.

We were looking into this when we came across this great article online. We were particularly struck about how this blog looks to find ways for affordable ways for seniors to continue to age at home. It’s such an important concern for seniors we were interested in seeing a post take it seriously. If you are a senior looking to age at home, know a senior in this situation, or are just interested in this topic, we suggest giving this a read.

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Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time. Before you know it your life is going to change forever in ways you can barely imagine. While you are waiting for your new child to arrive there is a lot of work that needs to go into your home and life. Your house needs to be baby proofed as well as your life.

We were thinking about this situation we we came across a great article online. This article goes into the various steps you should be taking to make sure your home is prepared for your baby and your life is prepared for change. If you are expecting a child, know someone who is expecting a child, or are just intersted in the topic we sugeest giving it a read. Hopefully you will find value in it as well.

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Few things are as irritating in adult life as the need to constantly clean your home.  It is a truly endless chore. Every aspect of life contributes to mess.  Clutter piles up, dishes pile up, laundry piles up…it’s all piles.  Only the deranged want to come home after a long day of work and start mopping or dusting.  And weekends? Those are supposed to be for fun and relaxation, not for dusting.  It’s got to be done though, otherwise you end up living like those people they make TV shows about.

Fortunately we found an article online that goes into simple and manageable steps to keep a house clean in the short and long term. There is practical advice given, like getting the entire family to chip in and to donate unwanted items. It also includes a piece of information that should be a mantra to all cooks – “Clean As You Go”. CAYG! Learn it, love it, live it. If you are struggling with a dirty home or are just interested in the topic, we suggest giving it a read.

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Buying A New Home

Are you currently looking for a new home?  If you’ve been on the hunt for a new space for you and your family, you are probably experiencing a great deal of stress.  Maybe you’ve moved past stress into full on panic.

We found an article recently that offers a lot of good clear headed advice about how to approach the homebuying experience.  If you are in the middle of buying a new home or are thinking about relocating, we recommend giving this article a read.

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Adding Artwork When Staging Your Home

Staging your home when you put it on the market is a tricky thing.  You want it to appear lived in so potential buyers can picture their new lives.  On the other hand it needs to be so relatively generic.  Nothing is more off putting to a potential buyer than a decore that is so different from what they would do.  It makes it hard to picture how the space could possibly be their home.

The question falls to what could go on the walls to give the home-y, yet not overwhelming, presentation.  Wefound an article that goes into great detail about how artwork can help encourage a sale during an open house.  If you are interested in home staging and real estate, or maybe if you are trying to sell your own house, we recommend giving it a read.  For more information read more here:

Making Your New House a Home

It can be a uniquely satisfying experience to finally buy your first house. Just the experience of applying for loans, looking at houses, and closing the purchase can be both trying and exciting. But once all that is done, you now have something that will change your life in many ways.

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to make your new house a home, read this article we found.  Read more here:

What Can Senior Living Do for You?

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Are You in Need of a New Air Conditioning System?

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